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Aug 23, 2018
Virginia US
I added the date to the title because I think there might be several threads started over the next year.

There are many medical professionals predicting that as much as 70% of the world's population will be infected with the nCoronaVirus. We just had a local woman return from China and somehow was able to fly into Raleigh International Airport before returning to her home in VA. According to the article, she is self-quarantining for 14 days at her home. I don't think this woman did anything wrong, but why didn't she have to fly into one of the government specified airports and be quarantined there? To me, this shows why the epidemic will spread to US. There appear to be holes in their plan.

The heart is one of the organs targeted by the virus. In addition to a replacement valve, many of us also have heart disease. Some likely have lung problems or other health problems that make them high risk patients if they get the corona virus.

So what can we do to protect ourselves. There's the obvious of wearing a N95 mask and goggles, gloves when needed, washing hands, keeping hands away from face, stay away from sick people, etc. But, we need food, we need medicine, we may need to see the doctor, etc.

I have started stocking up on food. For example I use almond milk and I bought some with a long shelf life so I can store it in a cabinet. I prefer the refrigerated almond milk, but this is for an emergency if it comes to that. I also bought extra over the counter meds like benedry and aspirin, so I have enough for several months if I can't get to the store. I take Plavix, which is pretty inexpensive, so I get a 3 month supply when I get my prescription filled and will see if I can pay out of pocked for another 3 months, so I will always have at least 3 months of Plavix. I have been able to save up some of my BP med over the last couple of years, so I will have at least 3 extra months of that as well.

I was going to plant a small garden this year, but am going to rethink how much to plant. Aside from a hospital or doctor's office, the 2 places I really want to avoid are Walmart (my pharmacy) and the grocery store. There is food delivery and mail order pharmacies, but you have to be careful about the virus being on the packaging.

Share your thoughts. I would love to see the virus die out, but everything I am reading say that isn't likely. I thought warm weather would stop it, like it does the flu, but I don't hear any of the experts predicting that will happen.

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Jun 14, 2010
Surrey, UK
I've been particularly concerned about this virus because I have a chronic respiratory condition very similar to asthma, the preventer inhaler I use daily is what's used for asthma, and anyone with a respiratory condition is more likely to have complications with this virus. There is already an announcement about the coronavirus and asthma on the main AsthmaUK website. I had no idea that the virus can also affect the heart.

I live on the edge of London and the virus is already in London. On the door of our GP surgery it has a notice which reads "If you have the symptoms of coronovirus do not enter the surgery but go home and phone NHS 111". 111 in the UK is the service which is similar to emergency and they dispatch an ambulance with paramedics, in protective suits if anyone is suspected of having the virus, to take them to special isolation units which are now being set up next to A&E's (ER) in hospitals here.

Judging by the way this virus spreads - incubation around two weeks during which the person doesn't know they have it but they are infectious - this is an extremely contagious virus. Public transport is not a good thing to use while this virus is around ! (My son, who has special needs and doesn't know how to care properly for himself, uses public transport arond London loads :()

Facemasks are not really helpful. Handwashing is the most helpful. I had to see my GP last week and she said when I left, regarding the virus, to make sure I wash my hands well when I got home.
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Aug 1, 2015
London, UK
I think the American government is not alone in having holes in their plan to prevent transmission of the virus - it took the UK government a while to implement measures too, and of course because of the long incubation period there seems to be limits to the effectiveness of such steps. Wider infection seems inevitable, but as many of us are indeed in the "at risk" category we should take all reasonable precautions until such time as a vaccine can be developed and distributed in sufficient quantity, which of course will take quite a while.

I live in London, and will have to use public transport, mostly the underground, to get to my office in the centre. Thankfully I am currently abroad on vacation followed by some time at home, and won't have to do this until 2 March. I will assess the situation then, and work from home if infections significantly increase. Otherwise it will be lots of hand washing - remembering that we need to scrub with hand wash for about a minute to be effective, on arrival at either home or office.


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Aug 10, 2010
I don't think many of us know about the 1918 flu pandemic, but this reaction worldwide may be somewhat related to that terrible set of events.

There have been questions here about the virulence of this new virus -- do people who get it have more symptoms than they would have with a cold (so it's not diagnosed as a Corona virus caused illness (they've given the virus a new name, but we all seem to remember Coronavirus), what are the fatality rates and how do they compare to the flu?, and other epidemiological questions that may reduce the panic that is spreading in most developed countries.

Wearing facemasks isn't supposed to be effective against the flu virus - the viruses can pass through the masks.

Ordering groceries online may keep you from going outside, but what guarantee is there that the person who packs the groceries, or the one who delivers them haven't been exposed to the virus? In fact, wouldn't a delivery person, with many stops before your delivery, be MORE LIKELY to come into contact with the virus than you would be making a quick trip to the store?

I stay inside most of the time. I DO go shopping a few times a week. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm not especially paranoid about the virus affecting me or my wife.

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