Blood thinner warfarin lowers cancer risk

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Jun 15, 2017
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The common blood thinning drug warfarin lowers the risk of cancers in the over 50s. The oral medicine taken by millions of Britons to stop blood clotting when diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolus, atrial fibrillation or if they have had a mechanical heart valve fitted.

Now a new study found it was linked with lower risk of any cancer and of three of the most common cancers, prostate, lung, and breast but not bowel cancer.

"This study investigates the association between warfarin use and cancer incidence in a large, unselected population-based cohort."

The study used the medical records of 1.25 million Norwegians born between 1924 and 1954 who were residing in Norway from January 2006 to December 2012.

Among warfarin users and compared with nonusers, there was a significantly lower age- and sex-adjusted incidence rate ratio (IRR) in all cancer sites - IRR 0.84 and in prevalent organ-specific sites - lung 0.80, prostate, 0.69 and breast 0.90. There was no observed significant effect in colon cancer - IRR 0.99.

Prof Lorens said: "Our results document a lower incidence of cancer associated with warfarin in a population-level study.

"We observed a lower relative risk in a large cohort comprising many different cancer types, reinforced by a subgroup analysis of patients with AF who were receiving warfarin treatment to prevent thromboembolic events.

"Our data indicate that warfarin provides a possible cancer protection, a finding that may have important implications for choosing medications for patients who need anticoagulation.
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Protimenow;n880130 said:
... prostate cancer ....

or as is often mis-said here ... prostrate cancer
a sad case of late diagnosis prostrate cancer being treated in a theatre

I don't know about how it is for most of you, but it's annoying to hear or read about warfarin being a 'blood thinner.' Based on this erroneous assumption, I've even seen an ad for a meter that said that it measures the viscosity of blood. I've seen people assume that people with 'thinner' blood get cold easier than people with 'thick' blood.

Sure, 'anticoagulant' is a harder image to understand, but 'thinner' seems to be just a bit annoying.

I don't mean to hijack an interesting thread, but it seemed as if this would be a good place to bring this up, based on the quoted article being about blood thinners.

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