ADHD medication for heart patients

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Feb 21, 2021
I was recently diagnosed with a Bicuspid aortic valve and an aortic root aneurysm with a dilation of 3.8 at age 27. I was prescribed Adderall a few years (unaware of my heart conditions at time) and it improved my life drastically. It was the first time I was able to sit down and focus and keep my mind from racing around. It really slowed me down and it had a positive impact in my life. At the advice of my cardiologist, I quit taking the Adderall a month ago. I can't focus when working, and I am unable to to juggle multiple tasks at once. I have a hard time sitting still at my desk (I work from home and I am a pacer). I have an appointment with my physician this upcoming week to inform her I have quit taking the Adderall due to my heart condition.

My question to other folks who have experienced this is; What are my options and do you have any suggestions for non stimulant medications that can help me cope with my ADHD? Has anything else worked for you?

I know my physician will outline possible solutions, I am just trying to gather as much information before I meet with her so I can be comfortable with whatever decision I might make.



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Aug 8, 2008
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after my surgery I couldn’t concentrate well or read a few pages of a book without rereading them several times. I was put on a SMALL dose of Adderall and my cardiologist didn’t mind it at all since it gave me energy to exercise and feel better.
Despite that, I preferred to stop taking it when I noticed it was elevating my heart rate. And I didn’t feel comfy about it! Glad I did. I never liked its after effect! And maybe I didn’t need it in my case!
I’m ok.