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    When did you start to feel good again?

    My last surgery had complications and the recovery was long and tenuous. I'm hoping for a better outcome this time. When did you begin to feel like your old self again? I don't mean just the incision healing and that sort of more immediate stuff. When did you feel like you could get up and...
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    Surgery date set

    I have a date, this Friday. My bovine mitral valve is not quite going to see its tenth birthday which is in September of this year. So nine-plus years in, I'm getting a nice new mechanical valve. You will see me here on this board often as I learn to manage the Coumadin and testing and all...
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    PDF from STS What to expect after OHS

    The link does not work.
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    Mitral stenosis in a tissue replacement valve

    That is the truth. At the time, I was 57, and the doctors strongly urged I avoid the Coumadin complications that came with a mechanical valve. My surgeon told me he would do a tissue valve himself if he were having the surgery. I was diagnosed late in the progression of the disease, my left...
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    Mitral stenosis in a tissue replacement valve

    Yes. I'm just trying to figure out what the problem is, why they need to replace the valve again, and I am getting no response from the doctors to my questions.
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    Mitral stenosis in a tissue replacement valve

    Thanks, pellicle, this is good information. No one has used the word "calcification" with me, so that is a great help is trying to understand this.
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    Mitral stenosis in a tissue replacement valve

    I just had an angiogram and am now more confused that ever. Maybe someone can direct me to a source to research this. I have a bovine mitral valve, replacing my own valve in 2008. When I was diagnosed 10 years ago, it was mitral valve regurgitation with an EF of 30. Now I have been told I...
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    In shock - 12 great years later, just discovered I need another OHS

    Like you, Kristine, I was here ten years ago for much appreciated support during my mitral valve replacement surgery. (I'm Kay,) Now I'm back to go round two. Thanks goodness this forum is still here!
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    Reoperation on mitral replacement valve

    I feel for you, honestly. My situation is not as serious as yours, but I do understand how disappointing it is when the tissue valve doesn't live up to the promise (hype?) Three months sounds like an unreasonable amount of time time to wait for an answer.
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    Reoperation on mitral replacement valve

    I have given it lots of thought this time, and I'm willing to deal with the mechanical valve and all its issues. I'm nearly 70 this time, and my outlook on this has evolved over the past 10 years. I really appreciate all the advice from those of you who have done this before me.
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    Reoperation on mitral replacement valve

    Of course now I'm wishing I had had a mechanical valve the first time, but 10 years ago it didn't seem like the better choice. I knew I was risking reoperation.
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    Reoperation on mitral replacement valve

    My bovine valve is 10 years old and needs to be replaced. I'm wondering about a second surgery and how it might differ from the first one.
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    Suffering today!

    Recliner=best idea since sliced bread. I would have been miserable without mine. I just didn't do side sleeping. Kay
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    I Just Got Home!

    Welcome home! Kay
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    What do I need to plan for when coming home?

    You need help. If something happens with your children, you won't be able to do anything to help. If you pick one of them up, you will disturb your incision (and sternum) and end up back in the hospital. For the safety of your kids, you need to have someone else around. Kay