When Edwards' INSPIRIS RESILIA Valve will be market available in US?

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Hi Anne, If statins don't work for you, there is new generation of PCSK9 inhibitors what lower cholesterol very effectively. Praluent and Repatha are two such drugs. You may also want to have your lp(a) tested.
Those drugs can you be used off label to lower lpa. I finally found somebody in Thailand recently you offers those drugs. After I get my valve replaced this month I'm going to look at getting on pcks9 to extend the life of my Edwards valve as well as my arteries and heart. Statins are still good too. I'm on 40 mg definitely need to get more hardcore about esselstyn.. and I talk directly to him and his wife 4 years ago over the phone long distance in both of them agreed that the diet won't have any effect on valvular disease. He calls valve disease a mechanical or wear and tear sort of issue. I don't know if I brought up anything about LPA with him and I don't know if he really understands it. His diet is great though and I really stuck to what I want from about 178 wait till about 156 158 I look like an aids
patient as one of my friends said but I thought I felt fantastic and I was lowering my cardiac risk.