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Jul 8, 2023
I’m active duty military 19m my military doctor encouraged running highly and when I asked about lifting weights again he said he had no problem with it just to be careful since I had my surgery 7 months ago has anyone had any experience lifting after mitral valve replacment? Never had heart disease this replacment came from a car wreck tearing the heart muscle that holds the mitral together.
well, since nobody has said anything...

Sorry to hear about the accident and the tear, that's a new one on me. What valve do you have (mech or bioprosthetic)?

I'd say that in general be guided by your body and the data about your body from sources like blood tests (looking for stuff, such as but not restricted to anemia) are you maxing out?

Next I'd say "what weights?"

Some members here lift serious weights, this is a really good thread here (if you haven't already found it), and quite recent too (like not 20 year old thinking)

I only just saw this because you didn't reply, by clicking reply the person you are talking to gets a notification. I know you're a new member, so why not mention that early.

I think your above stated plan will be ideal.

Best Wishes

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