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May 31, 2010
kansas city, mo
Got my covid booster and flu shot yesterday. Upper arms are sore today. But feeling okay otherwise. I do the flu shot every year, for I had the flu at 13 and did not get over it for three months. Never again. And found out I have a calcification of the Mitro Valve, so more to keep up with the covid booster. Just planning a hibernation during the winter till doctor visits and bus ride to Walmart for groceries. Almost ready for winter. Not really mentally ready. Have a great day all.
hang in there, as crappy as that can be to hear at times (most of the time) it's all about the mentality in the battle. You got this, and you also have a great day, though it's night here now.
Also got both 3 days ago, felt fever like for 48 hours, then back to normal,
This is my first flu shot in 11 years as did not think at the time it was a good idea,
but things are changing and age as well, extra help could be a bonus, the other virus-19 thing got 4 thus far, same reasoning, so far no issues.
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