Today 12 APR 2017 - Deeeeeeppppppp Thoughts :-)

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EasterRat Supporter Supporter
Dec 14, 2016
The Great White North
Hey hey,

I did not see a today thread for the ole chit chat, my apologies if it exists, feel free to flambe the new guy.

I am 72 days post Full Frontal as I've taken to calling it lately and feeling pretty good in peeps have mentioned, up days and down days. I have another rehab sesh today and have been getting a sweat for the past couple o weeks, 5 days last week. It's kinda fun to be taxed and sweaty with an incline walk, but hey, here I am, right? Anywho, hope your corner of the world is fab! If you are waiting for OHS, don't sweat it, if I made it through, you can too! Surgeons are good, heart issues are bad! It's nice and sunny here and the birds are chirping me! Better get back to work!


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