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May 25, 2024
I am a couple of months shy of my 8th anniversary from AVR with a tissue valve (Edwards Carpenter) and just had a CT that showed mild aortic calcification. Can anyone share their experience with the progression SVD after calcification was first detected?I will obviously need another surgery but just wondering if it’s a 1-2 year likelihood or (hopefully) further down the road.
will definitely inquire with my Dr.
I'm unclear on your age (sounds to be less than 65) such a calcification rate at (what seems to have been 50yo at previous surgery) would be best explained by high Lp(a) ... if your result is high then a 2nd bio would be therefore expexting similar (short) duration.

Just be aware that few doctors even know what Lp(a) is ... print (or carry on your tablet as PDF) any articles that Chuck has mentioned and take them into your Dr with you. Even if you have to pay $100 for the test, its a trivial investment.

FWIW I have (now) a mechanical which I got at 48 in 2011 ... as expected no issues with structural valve degradation ... nor with ACT (as seems to be overhyped) for that matter.

Best Wishes

PS: is roguedo "the way of the rogue" or is it more to do with edo period? Probably showing my Japanese influences here.

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