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The big problem may be discomfort wearing your seatbelt. Your sternum isn't fully healed.

I can't even think of what I would do if I was shortly post-op.

On another matter:

As Pellicle pointed out, tribal has a meaning that was completely missed when a reference was made to Native Americans.

I'm Jewish. I've been asked once or twice if I was an 'MOTT.' At first, I didn't know what MOTT meant - it means Member of the Tribe.

There are said to be 13 tribes of Israel - the Jewish people were forced to spread themselves across the world - largely for political reasons.

It might be argued that a certain political party backing a particular candidate and (I hate to make this political) some of the followers ignore this candidate's misdeeds, might be considered to be tribal - a tribe following its leader, with the idea that the leader is still a leader despite his numerous misdeeds and flaws. (Again, I don't want to get into specifics and don't want to make this TOO political or get blowback from anyone here - I'm just trying to give another example of tribalism).

In many cases, a lot of us are in 'tribes.' Being part of a tribe is comforting. It makes us feel like we're part of a larger group.

But, sorry, I've probably taken this 'tribal' thing a bit too far. And I'm afraid that my slightly veiled political reference may upset some people here.


One more thing - I don't speak Yiddish - I had a grandmother who did, and I've run into many people who do.

One of their sayings is 'Oy vey ismir.' Oy vey is something like 'it's too bad' or 'I've got troubles' or something like that (again, I don't speak Yiddish). Oy Vey Ismir means something like 'woe is me' (I just looked it up). The ismir (or is it izmir?) means 'is mine' or 'is me' or something like that. It's kind of amusing (to me, at least) that you're going back to Izmir. If you find someone there who speaks Yiddish, you may be able to get a more accurate translation.

So, if we take Izmir to mean is me, the city you're heading to really IS you.
Hello again,
In how many weeks does ecchymosis due to coumadn use heal in the angioplasty area?

I flew approx. 3 hours home 7 days after my surgery. No issues with flying at all. I 2nd the wheelchair recommendation and also suggest a pillow for the sternum especially when in a vehicle.

Hello again,
In how many weeks does ecchymosis due to coumadn use heal in the angioplasty area?

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isn't that just a bruise? I asked Chat GPT to make the following sound more important

Following a blunt trauma to the lower patellar region from a 4WD towbar, I sustained a contusion resulting in ecchymosis and edema overlying the affected area. The injury elicited tenderness upon palpation, with restricted range of motion due to pain and swelling. There were no signs of fracture or ligamentous instability upon initial assessment, indicating a localized soft tissue injury. Immediate management involved RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to mitigate inflammation and alleviate discomfort, with close monitoring for any signs of compartment syndrome or neurovascular compromise.


so back to me:
after icing it it stopped growing, but the blood in there needed to go somewhere ... which will usually be down


I said a few things, and it also really hurt my bikini modelling contract obligations for a few weeks too.
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FWIW - I had an ablation on 4/2. They went through the femoral artery. I lowered my INR to 1.5 for the procedure. A collagen plug was used to seal up the wound. I started taking my warfarin that day, and a few days later, my INR was back in range.

The thing healed completely - I checked it after 10 days. There was bruising - it's still there - but it WILL go away.

OTOH - I got a large hematoma after having some leg veins 'stripped.' For some reason, I messed up dropping my INR before the procedure - immediately after surgery, I developed a large hematoma, about the size of a half grapefruit. It's almost five months later, and although the hematoma is much smaller - it's still there. Major bruises sometimes take up to a few weeks to go away when I get them. Others are gone in just a few days.

Pellicle - if this was a recent injury, I hope it clears up quickly and painlessly.

As far as compartment syndrome is concerned, I had synovial cysts (behind my knee) that drained so much blood into my lower leg that doctors thought it was compartment syndrome - after a while (and draining the fluid behind my knee), the 'compartment' went away. I suspect that the bruising developed in part BECAUSE you take warfarin, and may resolve more quickly for the same reason (the pooled blood may be easier for your system to clear than if it was less fluid -- and this has nothing to do with 'thick' or 'thin' blood).