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Hi Alan,

Just wanted to wish you a very successful surgery and a full and speedy recovery. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you move forward with your plan.

Tammy, PLease let us know how you make out at the doctors for your 6 month checkup. Hope it goes well. My 2 yr anniversary checkup is comng next month. I have the full battery of CT scans, and appt's with my vascular surgeon and cardiologist.

I have been experiencing what you mentioned that last few days. Not in the center of my chest, no squeezing. Just a little less than sharp twinge above my right breast bone. Just had my pre 3 years and everything checked out ok.

Under a lot of stress right now. Sounds like you certainly have your share too. I hate to resort to Xanax. But it does help if needed.

Take care
Good News.

Good News.

Well I had my visit with the Doc this morning. He does not think the pain in my chest is Angina. He said that would not be a sharp pain and it would not be centralized to one spot. SO that is good.
He listened and listened and said he did not notice any changes in my murmurs. He has now decided to wait til next year to do another Echo instead of this summer. I guess I need to take a chill pill (Xanax) and relax and enjoy. Thanks Gina. LOL.
I asked him again about my last echo and he said that although the stenosis is significant that it could actually improve upon the next echo. He said the numbers can flunctuate (sp) up or down.
Of course I think he was trying to stop me from worrying but anyhoo.
Well you all have a great weekend and I'll talk to you next week.



Well we should consider a DUO.....the sleeping whiners.
hehehehe - You crack me up.


Best wishes to you. Will be thinking of you. Your going to need
that pillow. Here in Edmonton Telus donates Red Heart pillows
to all heart patients. Everywhere you look on the ward poeple
carry their pillow. You will be up and around in no time!

:) Judy
Al - Good luck with the surgery. To some extent, the less time to think about it, the better. Anyway, I will keep you in my prayers.
Good luck Alan, you'll be "right as rain" after this is all over. Love your pillow and it will love you back.
Now that I've been through the pre-op orientation and tests I'm glad that surgery is Monday. Otherwise I'd probably be stressed out if I had to wait a month or longer.


My angina is unaffected by breathing in or out, but I have occasionally had some minor sharp twinges that seem different. Also, at the same time as the chest pressure I get a funny sensation along the right arm. Apparently radiation to the left arm is more common, but everyone is different.

Back in December I had a very strong feeling that I was going to need surgery sooner than June, based on how my condition was progressing. This week, the threshold for angina is pretty slim. I could get the first twinges walking less than a block outdoors.

Hi all. I am new to the list. Question ... Do we talk about what to expect post-op? I haven't seen any comments so far. I always like to know what to expect. I understand some people don't.
Gayle - post-op

Gayle - post-op

We sure do talk about post-op. But are you talking in the hospital or when you get home? We can walk you from step one after you get out of surgery forward. Just ask what you want to know and you will get lots of answers. God bless
Hi Gayle-

Welcome to the site. From your profile, it looks as if you've had surgery already.

We'd all like to know you better. If you have a minute, why not start a new thread and tell us a little about you. It's always nice to have another member. Each one brings a unique perspective.

The hospital gave me a booklet detailing what activities to expect for each of the post-op days in hospital, so I don't have a whole lot of questions there. However it can be useful to hear how people do after they get out of hospital, when they return to work, to driving, to exercise, etc.

There are always suggestions from people who've been through the surgery and recovery that the doctor's may not know about, or may not consider important.



Hi Alan,

I remember going in for a 4 week checkup after surgery. The doctor told me I could only drive in daytime - like maybe to the store and back. No night driving or regular driving for 6 weeks after surgery. He said reflexes are not up to speed yet and you certainly don't want an accident.

I was told I could return to work in 4 weeks since I have an office job, but you know what? I said how often in my lifetime am I going to have open heart surgery? Hopefully, just that once - so I stayed off the whole 6 weeks and then did not work a full 40 hours the first week.

They put me in cardiac rehab at about 8 weeks past surgery and that really helped. One thing that helps alot after surgery is walking - especially in the hospital and when you get home. You really do feel better. Hope this helps.
Here's a good tip for you Al. See if you or someone else can find you a small chair for use in the shower. I have a sturdy plastic folding chair that Joe used after all his surgeries. He could lean on the back of it when standing up and if he needed to he could sit down and rest a little. He used it a lot.
I got up every morning, did the exercises they gave me at the hospital (3 or more times per day), walked in the yard with my cousin holding my elbow. Went to surgeon in 4 wks (he had ordered chest xray ahead of time - same day of appt). Gave me instructions about driving. He did the necessary exam, asked questions and told me to see cardio in 3 mos. I didn't do rehab as it was far from my home, but it is important. Used the spirometer a lot. It'll take you a good while to recuperate, so take it really easy in most things. Your scar will itch so use some sort of cream to help calm it down (after it begins to heal). Nap as much as you feel like it. You will see in a week or so that you are getting yourself back; before that you are pretty helpless - sore, pain, etc. You will find your own schedule for getting back to normal and your surgeon/cardio/nurses will give you lots of info in the hosp and after. When you get home, if you have questions, never hesitate to call your dr's office.

You are in my prayers. Godspeed

I'll be thinking and praying for you Monday when you go through your surgery, as will everyone else! Walk, use that pillow and Spirometer faithfully. You'll come through fine! Meet you on the Other Side!
Hi Al,

Will be thinking and praying for you on Monday. You will be glad to have it done and over with I promose. It kind of happened that way with me when I got a call that there was an earlier opening(next morn) and I took it. Kind of iliminates all the anxiety of waiting.
You will want that pillow for your chest for sure, It will become your best friend over the next week or so. Most places will provide you with one though I understand that not all are SOFT. If the one they give youy isn't I would have a back up. Loose fitting tops that open down the front are a must, as well as soft easy to slip on slippers.
You will be feeling better in no time.

Mike in Houston
Hi Alan

Hi Alan

my thoughts and prayers will be with you ....lets us know how you do ....and best wishes for a speedy recovery ...

ps ..folks ...whats a spirometer ? I really stupid not to know ?