Support Letter for ICD-10 (Important!)


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PLEASE check out this page at the Lipoprotein (a) Foundation website:


The Lp(a) Foundation is advocating for changes to the ICD-10 codes for high Lp(a). Essentially, this would help to have high Lp(a) recognized, screened for, and treated in the USA. Millions of children and adults would be affected, among them myself and my own.

Because high Lp(a) has recently been found to be causal for AVS, this matter is of import to everyone on this forum -- even those who acquired AVS due to having bicuspid aortic valves, as high Lp(a) is very likely part of the reason many who have bicuspid valves ultimately develop AVS, and in any event speeds AVS progression along.

All you have to do is cut and paste some text and mail it to the address provided.

Thank you!


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Good! Just wanted to point out that the deadline for getting this in is apparently November 13th, so if anyone was thinking of doing it "sometime" then they should do it before then! Thanks!

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