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I think most of us develop some form of PTSD.....
I fully agree with this, indeed I can see within myself how my own (what I prefer to call) coping mechanisms evolved from being a child to an adult.

I think what you say clarifies two things
  1. patients are not given proper (nay, even any) emotional and psychological support before and after diagnosis and sugery focuses on what the surgeon does in theatre to maximise outcomes on their works
  2. follow up on psychology oriented things is absent

That's what I see the benefits of this community are: talking and normalising it. Just like combat vets do (and I know one or two of them)
I was thinking I could have given the same interview as a classmate of theirs 30 years ago.
LOL or now as a lecturer ...

its interesting the 'hearing it' thing, I've been in our recording studio helping a setup and talking and nobody heard my ticking. I can't hear my ticking.

Yet some people can hear it.

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