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Apr 9, 2019
Christmas shopping in person vs. Christmas shopping online.

I would normally go with the first. Do you have any thoughts?
I used to be all about in person, but honestly I’m just too tired and exhausted! 😂 and that was even before my diagnosis. Or maybe COVID made me lazy with all of the stores doing drive ups. I do love Amazon too 🫣 I think I very rarely go into the store now except for some groceries or I am looking for something soecific and have time! So far all of my Christmas gifts have been bought on line.
Much of my shopping is online. I use Amazon quite a lot. I use Shipt once a month or so - getting my monthly membership's worth, although I'm paying a bit more for my stuff. My wife is happy that I don't have to go out as often.

I sometimes use stores that will do the shopping for me (Target, for example) and bring the purchases to me when I drive up.

I still like to actually walk through stores - good cardio if I can find lanes where there aren't a lot of people in my way. I get most of my groceries, do Costco runs, well, walks - the aisles are usually way too crowded for a run).

For take out, I find that many restaurants will bring the food out to me - letting me stay in the car. One, Chipotle, lets me order online and drive to a pickup window (Chipotlane) where they hand me my order through the window.

For me (and to make my wife more comfortable), I do a lot of online shopping. It may cost a bit more, but it's as convenient as hell.
My wife and I do not exchange gifts.....we just buy what we want or need when we want or need to.
We do not exchange gifts with our sons and daughters-in-law.....they'll get it all in a few more years.
We give our grandkids a check.......they can do with it what they strings attached.
My wife buys gifts for the great-grandkids who are still young enough to appreciate Santa Claus. Actually, our grandkids tell her what their children want and she buys it.....some online, some in the store.
Life gets a lot simpler when you get old.
My wife and I do not exchange gifts.....we just buy what we want or need when we want or need to.
my wife and I tried to do this with the rest of her family, but no matter what her mum always had to buy everyone at least two useless things ... despite agreements in advance 🤷‍♂️

You get the picture

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