Roche pushing InRange -- are they phasing out XS?

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Aug 10, 2010
I just went to the Roche site. I'm thinking about having my PCP order an InRange and regular supply of strips.

The front page of the site showed the InRange - apparently the meter that they're pushing. A small line at the right of the page listed the XS.

It may still be available, but they're certainly not pushing it.

A year or so ago, many of the XS meters landed on eBay - without the strip guide or a battery cover. These were supposedly disabled. I got two for $29.99 each - one was practically new - the plastic was still on the display, and there were only a handful of tests in its memory. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that these were 'dumped' or sold in a large lot, or perhaps even auctioned - as supposedly surplus or unusable meters that were probably not meant for resale.

This would be consistent with slowing or stopping sale of the XS meters so that the new meters being sold are the InRange.

Roche may have a bit of a challenge - the XS meters work, and work, and work, and other than being able to install practically useless upgrades (the current upgrade improves the accuracy of the battery capacity display - I don't know if there were other upgrades, and these may have been more consequential) and the ability to report via USB or Bluetooth to a medical professional who may or may know how best to adjust your medications, a color display, and possibly a better user interface, there may be little compelling reason to dump an XS for an InRange.

In spite of this, I may ask my PCP to prescribe an InRange and an ongoing supply of strips.

Again - my main point is that it seems as if Roche is now more aggressively promoting the InRange on their site (which makes sense).
slowing or stopping sale of the XS meters
Web Care Health, one of the 5 companies Roche lists on their website as a supplier of meters to end users, issued me a new Coaguchek XS last week. So it appears the Coaguchek XS is still being supported. The meter is actually owned by the local hospital system (Unitypoint) Coagulation Clinic who dictate my Warfarin doses, etc. I have the meter at home. On my assigned day I measure my INR, then enter the value on the Web Care Health phone app. This in turn transmits the INR to the Coagulation clinic's database so they can determine what my new Warfarin dose should be. Later that day the Coagulation clinic calls me and provides a written report on the hospital's website. I access the written report by logging into my personal account.
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I wasn't suggesting that Roche won't support the XS. Their new meters use the XS strips, and I expect that the XS systems will be around for a LONG time. IIRC, the XS has already been around for about 20 years (I think my first meter had a 2004 date on it), and maybe Roche figured it was time for an update to this old workhorse. Maybe their sales slowed a bit because people didn't have to buy new meters - because the ones that they already had just kept working.

Adding bells and whistles to the XS (color, better menuing, more results stored, bluetooth enabled for remote updates or results reporting) would be enough reason for XS users to replace their XS, and for the new models to be InRange, and not the old XS.

Roche told me a few years ago that the Vantus was designed only for use with their (now closed) INR management service - that it was not to be sold, and would only be sent to subscribers.

In any case, I believe that XS will be around for a LONG time.
The Roche U.S. site lists Vantus and XS devices. Vantus is only sold in the US, but as far as I know not directly to patients. INRange is not approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. However it is nearly identical to the Vantus device.

The Roche Global site lists INRange and XS devices.
Thanks. I wasn't aware that the InRange isn't approved for use in the U.S. I guess I'll just have to wait until it is - if ever.

I've seen the Vantus for sale on eBay - but perhaps the seller didn't know that they didn't actually own it - Roche does.