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Well this is the beginning of month 6 since my Feb 4 AVR. Sofar, in regards to exercise, the heart is the best performer with the lungs and knees trying to keep up. I had or am having mild sport-induced asthma which is under control now and sore knees from time to time. My resting heart rate low is 48 as of this week which is closer to where it was and my exercise heart rate high is from 145 to 150. I have started upper body workouts and it is producing results and the saggy post-opp liposuction look is disappearing.
I turned 68 June 19th and I am feeling great!
I had AVR (cow valve) in April 2018. I was back paddling a one-man outrigger in July. (Back to work in June). I did have the advantage of 6 weeks of cardian rehab, and strongly recommend the program if it is available to you. I did not race that summer, but I was walking a lot (and with my bad knee), and did A LOT of exercise in the pool. I am not good about tracking my heart rate except my daily BP, but by November of 2018 I was back at full race practice in an OC-6, and raced the entire 2019 season. I have found that a great exercise is Nordic walking. Basically walking and using hiking poles. (I always use the poles when I hike--knees, you know.) Nordic Walking: Benefits, Affects on Arthritis Pain, and How-To

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