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Jun 26, 2021
New England
Well, maybe a year and 6 weeks later🥴. I guess it’s a reflection that I no longer obsess about the little piece of cow and Dacron holding my circulatory system together that I blew by the anniversary, but remembering how a year ago I thought the worst when people no longer posted here, well here I am🥳. Generally feeling well overall, cardiologist was happy with my latest checkup. Ongoing daily meds (losartan, verapamil, baby aspirin) are easily manageable. I do worry more about COVID and the flu, but I have ventured into indoor arenas and flown commercial; not anywhere near as daring as some here, but my life goes on. Those of you either about to undergo or have recently undergone the procedure, yeah it is about as scary as it can be, but know that the odds are heavily in your favor. Blessings to all!