Question on b/p increase 7 months after surgery

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Solar Rays

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Dec 2, 2018
Rochester NY
I had a mitral valve heart repair 7 months ago. I've been doing very well and completed all of my cardio rehab appointments. During rehab my blood pressure was checked and was always in the 120's over 60+ or 70+. I didn't check it for about a month and was surprised to see it was 171/65 and then dropped down to 140's over 60's. I called my doctor and dr. was not concerned because the bottom number was very good. I am getting various readings mostly in the 140's. I am taking irbesartan and metoprolol. Even though the doctor is not concerned, I am because I wonder why I have increased over 20 points. I have continued a very similar workout at my gym. I would appreciate your input on this. Thank You.