Question on b/p increase 7 months after surgery

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Dec 2, 2018
Rochester NY
I had a mitral valve heart repair 7 months ago. I've been doing very well and completed all of my cardio rehab appointments. During rehab my blood pressure was checked and was always in the 120's over 60+ or 70+. I didn't check it for about a month and was surprised to see it was 171/65 and then dropped down to 140's over 60's. I called my doctor and dr. was not concerned because the bottom number was very good. I am getting various readings mostly in the 140's. I am taking irbesartan and metoprolol. Even though the doctor is not concerned, I am because I wonder why I have increased over 20 points. I have continued a very similar workout at my gym. I would appreciate your input on this. Thank You.


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May 31, 2010
kansas city, mo
Best advice, learn how to relax when you are in the doctor's office and getting the blood pressure taken. It take time and will get different reading. You need to concern yourself with reduction of the top number. Relax, close you eyes. Kinda like meditate during the pressure reading. And make sure they give a minute to relax after taking you to the exam room. Movement tends to make the blood pressure spike a little. You need a resting blood pressure reading. Talk to the nurses about it. Let them know that you are needing an accurate reading.

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