Preworkout supplements after aortic valve replacement?

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Would you use a preworkout product after an aortic valve replacement?

  • I would use it very carefully

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  • NO WAY!

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  • Yes, 2 scoops as usual.

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  • I rather have 1 cup of coffee

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Jan 27, 2020
I know it may not sound clever but after an aortic valve replacement, with a mechanical valve that works great, heart looking good in ultrasound, bp and hr in range with betablockers and ACE-inhibiters,Warfarin in range etc.
No signs of heart failure and everything working great, is it ok to use preworkout products again?
I mean if the heart is fixed and working better than a "normal" heart i think the risks must be reduced instead of higher than a "normal" heart. Or am i wrong?
I know no cardiologist would tell me its ok to use Jack3d or similar products,but whats your opinion on it?
Anybody here have used preworkout supplements after aortic valve replacement?

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