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I have severe tricuspid aortic stenosis live in Ba
Jun 28, 2019
Bangkok Thailand
A friendly resource if needed

A friendly resource if needed

Hi Jason-
I am 14 days post op and feeling better than I have in years, though in hind sight there are many things I would have done differently. Sounds like you are in good hands and well prepared. I had several folks reach out to me but I only communicated with them via email. Now I wish I would have spoken to them live, which is why I'm posting my phone number (scary!). Feel free to call me any time if you want to discuss my experiences...I'm a 37 year old male, just had AVR and ARR. My recovery has been better than textbook, yet there were surprises for me and my family.

Wishing you the best!

Phil, Removed phone number for members own safety-Ross
I'd like to know about your surprises especially since I live overseas and insurance won't cover everything so I'm going to have to pay 100% cash thanks