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Jun 10, 2001
upstate New York
Hi all-

I've been reading lots of posts that are truly sad about non-caring doctors who disregard their patients care and have a really lousy attitude.

I'd like to give some balance here because Joe has had exceptional care from doctors and other medical personnel who are kind, exceedingly competent and highly intelligent.

They have saved my husband's life more times than I care to remember. And we really appreciate this.

Joe has been dealing with major health problems for 24 years now. He's come close to dying several times. I never remember any medical professional treating him with anything other than compassion.

We've been to Lahey Clinic; Massachusetts General Hospital; New England Deaconess Hospital; Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY; St. Peter's Hospital Albany, NY; St. Clare's Hospital, Schenectady, NY, and Ellis Hospital, Schenectady, NY.

Joe's been in and out of ERs, day surgeries major surgeries and lengthy hospital stays, hundreds and hundreds of doctors visits, innumerable lab. visits. No one has ever been nasty. There was only one tech. that I really tried to have fired. She was covering for a nurse and was ill trained and totally unprofessional. But that's the only ugly incident I can remember.

Some of the wonderful things I remember are his surgeon staying late into the night to read the x-ray results himself and taking the time to go to my husband's room to speak with him about it.

His cardiologist who gave Joe his phone number over the holiday.

The doctor who called me at 9:30 at night to tell me that he just got the x-ray results back and Joe had CHF and needed to be on a diuretic immediately. I got the prescription filled at the all night pharmacy and got him started on it that night. I'm sure it saved his life.

Many time various doctors have gone to bat for Joe to get him the very best specialist care they could find. They have gone out of their way to do this.

These are all exceedingly busy doctors with heavy patient loads, and yet they have all found the time to be decent and helpful. Maybe it's because we live in a relatively small community and know a lot of people. And maybe it's because for some reason we seem to have really fine medical facilities close by. Perhaps we were able to cull out the bad "seeds" because we've lived here for so long. Whatever the reasons, I want to speak up. I don't want to have the people who are newly diagnosed scared to death that they won't be treated properly. There are many, many, many decent doctors. They far outweigh the "brats".

Let's everyone who have had good experiences speak up as well.