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In terms of coping alone, I was lucky in that I already had an electric reclining sofa and so could sleep in that, adjusting the angle inch by inch as needed, and easier to get in and out of than a bed. The organisation I work for was also very supportive - no pressure to rush back to the office.

I lived on supermarket food deliveries and microwave convenience meals, and no dogs to have to attend to. My normal doctor's clinic and pharmacy were within easy walking distance, and living in London public transport to hospital appointments was readily available.

Wishing I was in Southern Florida too right now! Temperature below freezing here tonight - normally I would be on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, off the coast of Africa, for some winter sun for the first half of February, but can't afford it this year. Oh well.
I'd love to be on island somewhere. The docs want me in town. We have zero public transportation. There is food delivery, etc. To me, the idea of being told I can't drive is tough. No real need to go. I just like knowing I'm able.
The electric recliner saved me last night. I guess I did too much. I didn't even have the energy to stand. I was glad I was in the ejection recliner. :)
I got lucky a while back. I was due to be laid off. Then they came and offered us "packages".
It allowed me to retire at a pretty young age. So no worries about a job giving me problems. I was 43 when I got my full retirement.
Hi K

Happy Heartiversary! I'm awake now. I missed it the other day. :)

is this the time travel version ;-)

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many things which are apparently toxic are considered cures in the right amount.

many things which are considered foods will kill you in the wrong amounts

biochemistry and pharmacology are both interesting subjects. So what if its also used as rat poision. When the apocalypse comes I'll be hoarding it (and 44mag and 3030 shells).

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I lived in Finland some years ... my friends sent me this post card after my surgery
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I love black humor.

Life is Absurd ... enjoy it

Oh man “Rattgiftpasta” I love Finnish. If I ever go on warfarin I will always say I’m on rattgiftpasta. It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. Rattgiftpasta 👍
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