Need Help Choosing! 10 Questions For Those Who Had A Ross Procedure

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csigabiga Supporter
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Jan 23, 2018
Toronto & Tel Aviv
Hi everyone. Long time lurker, but now things have gotten real. I have crossed into severe aortic regurgitation and will need a surgery that replaces the aortic valve and likely part of the aorta as well (bentall)

As seems quite common, I am having the Ross vs mechanical debate in my head.

Instead of engaging in the debate which has been debated to death, I’d like to ask those of you who had a Ross Procedure a few questions so I can get a better sense of which valve might be a better choice for me. Feel free to answer as much as you want / have time for. Maybe this can even be a useful resource for prospective surgery patients faced with the same choice in the future. Would appreciate any responses I can get here or in a similar mechanical thread I am making. Thanks in advance!

  1. At what age did you have your Ross?

  2. How long did you have your Ross / How long has your Ross lasted so far

  3. When you had surgery did you have Aortic Insufficiency (regurgitation), Aortic Stenosis, or both?

  4. If you had Aortic regurgitation, was your aortic root, or aortic annulus dilated? If so, how badly?

  5. If your Ross procedure failed, which valve failed (autograft in the aortic position or homograft in the pulmonary position) and what was the reason?

  6. If the autograft failed (the one in the aortic position), which valve did you get your second time?

  7. If the homograft failed (the one in the pulmonary position), were you able to get it replaced with TAVI?

  8. Do you feel you have any limits with regards to physical activity and your heart beat? (I play squash and would want the freedom to get my heart rate to 180)

  9. On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you with your choice for Ross Procedure?

  10. Would you recommend someone in my shoes get a Ross procedure? (39 years old, severe regurgitation, needs aortic valve replacement as well as part of the aorta, dilated annulus and LV, has access to an excellent experienced Ross surgeon, otherwise healthy, likes to travel, hike, eat everything, drink and consume a bit of cannabis occasionally, likes silence and might be irritated by the clicking of the mechanical valve).
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Hi, i am getting my Ross done 19 december. Thought it over and over but believe it is the least negative procedure for me personaly.
I am 45 years old, no other fysical problems. Doing alot of sports and during my work having alot of fysical agression. So i am a little afreight for the need of medication with the mechanical valve.....
If the Ross wasnt possible for me i would have tried the biological valve.
But realy happy my docter gave me the possibility for the Ross.
Good luck with what ever you choose...

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