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which totally was not my point. My point is that all gear has limits and that the most important aspect of safety is active safety (meaning the rider, and their approach).

Sure, and I won't suggest otherwise but I think that you don't actually understand the "risk of bleeding" and I'm 90% confident its not what you think it means. Secondly I would not suggest you trend your INR towards the lower end of anything, you should consider a target and keep aiming at the target. Range is a dangerous way of viewing it and the trend has been towards a target for some years now. I target 2.5. Ranges are useful for explaining things but people do exactly what you've done and said "they'll stay to the lower end of the range" as if that's somehow safer. It isn't.

Please consult "that graph" and table carefully
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your actual rise of a stroke goes up with a "sit on the lower end of the range".

Aim for the center of the target ...

Riding safe is not about gloves and helmets its about attitude. Gloves, jackets and helmets are a 'last resort' when you're already stuffed (in slow motion) because an accident is happening. Avoid accidents don't plan for them and don't believe "my gear will save me" .. it might, it might not.

I've personally witnessed deaths with no significant injuries due to a broken neck (in one case and a broken spine (in another).

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I understand that riding kit is a last resort and it’s always best to ride defensively and anticipate what other traffic might do. I’ve not had an accident in over twenty years but it’s definitely worth wearing decent gear just in case, but I know not to rely on it. I’m an experienced rider but I think I may have some rider training just to make sure I’m riding as defensively and safely as possible.
I’m not sure what INR range I would be given, but I’ve read that being under 3 minimizes the chance of bleeding so I guess 2.5 would be good, and I can see that your chart shows 2 to 3 being on the safer side.
I’m not sure what INR range I would be given, but I’ve read that being under 3 minimizes the chance of bleeding
to be clear what do you think chance of bleeding means?

In the literature it means something specific, like:
  • developed a nose bleed worth going to ER for
  • developed a bowel bleed (usually identified by discolouration of the stool)
  • had a small subconjunctival bleed
its usually and specifically not related to:
  • road trama
  • accidental injury (like when using power tools)
  • shaving nicks (unless they don't stop and cause you to drive to the ER
Knowing what highly specific terms mean is important when reading the literature.

Best Wishes
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I run the slower pace wheels - bicycle - but still need to watch for cars & be aware of my surroundings. Also proper maintenance on the bike so I can stop when I need to. I have been more interested in getting back to soccer, recently, but also aware that bruising will be happening and bruises seem to take longer to clear with the warfarin.
I rode on the back of my dad’s motorcycle 45(?) years ago. Relying on pedal power.

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