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Jan 18, 2024
Hi all,

I finally was able to have my consult with my surgeon. I had originally thought that I was only to be getting a simple valve replacement. Sadly I will also be needing a Aortic replacement and the suggested route is to do a Mechanical Bentall. He said I could do just a sparing bental but since I have BAV I would likely need another surgery down the road. As such I will likely be going for Mechanical Bentall.

I'm wondering if anyone has any good resources I could refer to learn more about the procedure, life expectancy with having such a drastic operation, and any personal experiences! Thanks in advance!
4 weeks ago today I had my bav replaced with a mechanical valve and had my ascending aorta aneurysm repaired. I am 63yrs old and the surgeon would have done a tissue valve but he was happy that I choose the mechanical valve. As far as long term survival who knows, but the valve will likely last longer than me.
life expectancy with having such a drastic operation

If you adhere to the INR guidelines and eat a healthy diet with lots of greens, then you can expect a normal for your family genetics life expectancy, probably longer

, and any personal experiences
This whole site is filled with them. Just search.

Best Wishes

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