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I guess that depends on how you define "Open Heart".

To the best of MY understanding, it IS "Open Chest".

FWIW, several of our members have had good success controlling A-Fib with Sotalol (the generic form of BetaPace).

Then there is the 'SledgeHammer' of antiarrhythmics, Amiodarone (and it's laundry list of nasty side effects if used in too high a dose or for too long... Do a Search on for Amiodarone to read the MANY discussions of this drug and it's effects, or GOOGLE, or get the package insert from a Pharmacist).

'AL Capshaw'
I dunno - my maze was done during my MVR, so I'm no help, as I was cracked open at the time! I know they can do spot ablations via the cath, I just don't know about the full maze.
I could be wrong, but I think that I have read that it can be done minimally invasively...which is still considered "heart surgery" but with out having your chest cracked open.

There is a "mini-maze" procedure that is done via endoscope using access incisions on either side of the chest. The "classic" maze procedure is open-heart because it requires direct access to the atrium for the incisions to be made.

If you do a search on maze procedures you should find lots of info on both.

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