It might not be Mount Everest . . . .

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BicuspidBuddy Supporter
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May 21, 2012
B.C., Canada
. . . but it's our Mount Everest. Will (Bionic Orange), is 10 months post-op, and hiked 4000 feet in a couple of hours return. He left me in the dust (or snow to be more accurate). We couldn't do the entire 8500 feet due to snow pack. We will try again when it's melted in the fall. Thank you all for inspiring Will pre-op. We'd like to return the favour and that's why I have posted. (He is on the shy and humble side).

The surgery last August truly seems like a lifetime ago.


Not Mt Everest, or even a 4000 foot climb, but about a year or so after my double-bypass plus AVR my car got stuck in the snow and I had to walk home in the snow/sleet/rain, carrying two bags of groceries, going up/down many hills, for like 7-8 miles (I was able to get a ride hitchhiking for about 2 miles also). Prior to my operation I was unable to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. Amazing what our bionic hearts can do....

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