Is it possible to travel internationally for six months of the year while on Warfarin?

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Aug 10, 2010

What is the reasoning behind this suggestion? Where I bought my monitor from the CoagSense was the only option and so far I am happy with it.
I was a longtime supporter of Coag-Sense. I even believed that they were more accurate than CoaguChek XS and some labs.

When they ousted their President a few years ago, the company changed. I noticed that my INRs were usually higher than the CoaguChek XS and most labs, although others reported a close correlation with the labs. I didn't know if there was something about my blood that made the Coag-Sense report higher values than the XS. They used to be within about .3 or .4 of each other.

Support from CoagSense became non-existent.

You can get the XS (or a machine from Roche that uses the strips) in most, if not all, countries. The same thing goes with the strips. Even if you never leave the U.S., you're fine with the XS. For me, as long as my INR is 2.4 or above, I'm happy - even if the CoagSense is right (probably reporting a 3.4), I don't worry about it. My real fear is my INR dropping BELOW 2.0.

I still have Coag-Sense strips, but I'm not really motivated to use it for testing -- even if the new meter is smarter and cooler than the XS.

Oh - FWIW - I now have two XS meters - both used. My second meter apparently came from a clinic or lab. They removed the backs and the blue cover for sliding the strips. In theory, this may have made it impossible to test with them, but it was easy to make minor modifications to the strip guide to make it work.

Even the new, $30 meter works fine.


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Feb 28, 2008
Placerville, CA, USA
I'm a 57 year old male and will have my BAV replaced this week. I am still trying to decide whether or mechanical or biological valve will be best.

My wife and I are retired and travel at least half of the year, mostly internationally. I am concerned that a mechanical valve, daily warfarin, and being tethered to periodic INR testing will prevent me from this traveling lifestyle.

Has anyone here selected a mechanical valve and then been able to roam the planet without being stuck with frequent lab INR tests?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
At 57 I would definately go with mechanical. We travel a lot and I just bring my home testor with and plenty of testing supplies. It's easy to adjust your own warferin level once you start to get comfortable with the test readings. I am so normal that I just take 4mg per day don't test more than once or twice per month.