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Apr 21, 2021
Just missed my first anniversary. On the table 3rd Feb last year. All good and a massive shout out to @pellicle, without who's help and guidance I would probably be a basket case. He really helped me through uncertainty and showed me the path to a life worth living and not the cotton wool clad existence recommended by the Thai doctors here. Not saying bad about them, they are excellent and very professional, they just tend to give out a blanket of dos and don'ts probably to cover their asses.
Might have to have a couple Changs as a late celebration. Cheers. 🍺😊


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Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
Congratulations on a year, that's an important benchmark for post surgical recovery. I assume you've had a few basic tests (echo, and CT) done as well (if not then suggest them if you wish)

Thanks also for the shoutout, I feel strongly that one of the things really missing from all VR surgery is a proper handling of the psychology of the patient as well as attending to the details. With all due respect to the surgeons who do great work there needs to be something in the pre and post surgical communication and follow-up which is not just clinical but educational.

I'm really glad you are doing so well and have more or less returned to (no offence) normal life. I hope (and pretty much expect actually) that you'll get to the 10 year mark with no incidents.

Its early morning here now, but I will most definitely raise a glass to the mountain here for you this evening.

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