How to treat an Ear Bleed?

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Mar 20, 2003
North Alabama
After 5 years on Coumadin and having my sebaceous cyst lanced Friday, I wake up Sunday to find blood on my pillow and all over my EAR.

Doctor at Urgent Care Facility said there was a 'minor cut' in the ear canal. He prescribed rinsing and applying anti-biotic drops twice a day for a week but NOTHING to actually STOP the bleeding. Even with gause stuffed in the ear, it seems to continue to bleed slowly.

Is there something else I should do to treat this?

To top it off, I asked the Doc to look at my incision. He changed the dressing and the would bled freely until he applied a "pressure dressing". He suggested seeing the surgeon MONDAY instead of waiting for my scheduled followup on Thursday. JOY!

'AL Capshaw'
Maybe your INR was really in the 5 range. It would probably be wise to hold one dose of warfarin.

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