How To Reduce Lipoprotein A - Lower LPa Levels Naturally

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Jun 29, 2019
Evidence is mounting that a whole foods plant based diet not only lowers ALL cardiac related risks but also may and can reduce Lipoprotein (a) a known risk factor heart disease AND valvular disease. The study is listed below.

I have seen a lowering of ALL of my modifiable cardiac risk factors using this planted based diet:
FAQ | Dr. Esselstyn's Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Program which I began 14 months ago.

I last had my Lp(a) checked in 2019. I started the diet in 2020. I plan to get my Lp(a) checked again next week along with L/HDL and total C.

The confounding factor for me is the use of statins which I started in 2019 6 months prior to starting my vegan diet. Some of my LDL/total cholesterol drops were partly attributed to statin use along with vegan diet.

Sadly statins, paradoxically, can actually raise Lp(a).

I will be running all this my MD next week; I plan to potentially lower my dosage and type of statin next week as the diet is doing a lot of my cholesterol lowering.
Again I am concerned statins may have caused my Lp(a) to rise.

In regards to Lp(a) I also plan to seek Repatha treatment and will be starting on Niacin as well. I will ask about apheresis as well.

Meanwhile I await the arrival of antisense drugs

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