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welcome to the rabbit hole ;-)

CS owners seem to want to find some sort of "conversion" that they can apply to their meters.

I think if you didn't read them the posts by ETC901 are worth reading
actually after you read that you should go to the start of the thread and read it all (if you didn't already read it)

I know that some people here (lets call them idomatic types) say "none of us here are doctors" .. well except for the ones who actually have doctor in their fukken name how would you know who's what?
The answer is we do actually have doctors here, further we have people who are not called doctors generally because they are specialists in a field. Further we have professional researchers here.

So when I say ETC901 knows enough to know what he's talking about I say that from the perspective of having worked with him in helping him start on my INR management system. I know what he does, I know I respect him.

Personally I don't have much respect for the CS product.
Thanks Pellicle. That was helpful. I read the ETC901 thread. His results are consistent with mine. I guess that I don't need to be nervous when my CS reports 2.0! Really sucks in the US with our very limited and controlled access that forces us to pay higher prices.
I used to have tremendous respect for the Coag-Sense product, but NOT ANY MORE.

In the past few years, the results have been below the CoaguChek XS, and usually the labs. Coagusense support has been useless for me.

Although I appreciate the fact that, in my case, the Coag-Sense results were lower than lab or XS (so it's less possible that my INR will somehow fall below 2.0), I also realize that the XS had millions of tests behind it, and few reports of negative events related to errors.

Although I still have two of the newer meters and one or two of the original, I rarely use them and have, in fact, given some away.
I meant Coag-Sense (I also have more XS meters than I need).

I was referring to two different models of the Coag-Sense. The newer one is smaller, has a color display, and more features, but uses the same strips. Results are essentially the same on both models.