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Jan 23, 2011
Auckland NZ
Has anyone with a mechanical Mitral valve had issues travelling to a high altitude location? I am contemplating visiting Cusco in Peru. Altitude 11000ft.
Thanks Mike
Thanks for your replies and experiences everyone. Looks like we will be going to Peru & the Andes.
I wanted to add to this even though it's been thoroughly covered already and my MVP isn't severe enough to treat yet (cardiologist just said that yesterday).

I was in Cusco and Macchu Picchu in May. Back before I had symptoms (March, 2020) I was in Bolivia and did notice myself breathing heavier with exertion- perfectly normal at that altitude. Now I have breathlessness on exertion even at sea level so I was a bit paranoid but my cardiologist just said, "Live your life but don't overdo it" and I took Acetozolamide and chewed coca leaves (legal there) to prevent altitude sickness.

I really don't think the breathlessness was any worse. I woke up the first night with a little breathing difficulty and found my Blood oxygen was 90%. No, not fatal. I was on an organized tour with a group close to my age so I was able to keep up with them.

And having a half-dozen penguins swim by you while snorkeling off Galapagos? Priceless. :)

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