Happy Australia Day

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Nov 4, 2012
Queensland, OzTrayLeeYa
Today is (until they change it to another day) Australia Day here in Oz, and while personally I look to the date of Federation as being when we became Australia (1st of January 1901, starting the millennia of the 19thC) this is the date we choose to celebrate our nation


There's lots to love in this fledgling nation ...


Australia, Australia, Australia we love you amen! ...another tube

(*wish I could still drink ... sigh)
Whilst we have St George's day on 23 April for England, St Andrew's Day (30 November) and St David's Day (1 March) for Wales, only Scotland's day is a public holiday. We could do with a day to celebrate the United Kingdom perhaps, but that would most likely be 1 January and we could really do with any extra holiday being in the summer months :p. Sadly the 4th July seems to have been taken ... ;)

I hope you had a good Australia Day 🥳

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