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Aug 28, 2017
Greater Manchester, England
vitamin k is fat soluble similar to D and a few others, but to a lesser degree and hourly intake is just a ridiculous notion Dave.

you really are overthinking this and I really am trying to help you with your anxiety over this topic.

forget the myths and take advice from us that personally use warfarin.
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Apr 20, 2019
Rate response. How much do you know you're risking when you are getting a cut? I'm pretty maniacal about shaving myself I draw blood off and also I'm a complete free I tend to shave all the hair off a lot of my body cuz I'm a former triathlete that is think I look hot when I'm more hairless... I'm always shaving unwanted hair off everywhere my eyebrows my ears like I said all over my body. What's risky blood draw and what's not risky? How do you assess that.? I know about the flossing from blood and that's actually risky in your mouth because that can make its way into your heart. I try to floss enough so that doesn't happen. You said there's some sort of pre-med you do before dental work can you tell me more about that? Yeah I'm concerned about having a you know regimen my eating not eating certain foods not doing things like Ginkgo for cranberry that are good for my health. I mean what if you even draw blood cutting your toenails? What if you draw blood cutting your foot on a rock in the ocean? I volunteer to work with cats and draw blood all the time from them even though the cats have shots they're in a building with dozens of other cats is that a risk? Does that mean having a pet is more of a risk?

My understanding is not the blood draw, but the risk of something getting into the blood stream that can then lodge and grow on the mechanical valve in the area where the force of blood will not dislodge that. Dental premeds are preventive since they usually draw blood and the mouth being the sewer of bacteria it is has a high risk. Any cut or wound that has blood is a risk. Heck, even without a valve there was a woman here in GA just ziplining and cot cut and was infected with flesh eating bacteria and lost her legs a few years ago. The world is full of risks and dangers, it is about your risk tolerance and how you mitigate the risks. As for eating, a day of binging on something with K will only impact your INR temporarily. Also it depends on which valve you have mechanical. My doctors have told me the risk is low with Aortic due to the pressures and flow through it, where as other valves (I believe Mitral) they get more concerned with INR and clotting. I also question just how much Vit. K you need to have an impact, I am not a big Vit. K class of food eater, but still have had some varied diet and never an issue. My INR is very consistent in its range to the point where I am no longer religious about making unsure to check one a week. At times I go 2 weeks since my numbers have been so consistent. If they swing too much on a reading then I try and make sure next reading is within a week.