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So I guess while its "nice" to have it, I would rely on a bracelet more with critical data (like diabetic or somethings).
It’s free text. You can add anything you deem important. I have names of hospitals and surgeons to contact, my health history, my meds, my spare parts etc.. I have family members to reach who know my history and may help with decision making. My thoughts, albeit individual, is that if they rip my shirt open and see my scars I don’t want them to immediately think I “only” had coronary bypass surgery (I have not). Since the phone is with me most of the time and provides detailed vital information I personally feel this feature beats a bracelet or necklace hands down.
The issue is simple, everyone has their public health insurance number, if they have this number written on their mobile phone or on a bracelet, every doctor will be able to see the medical file if needed.
They can see what medicines you are taking, the examinations and surgeries you have had, etc.
Now in Europe they are gradually implementing a system regarding imaging examinations, x-rays etc. to be uploaded to a platform so that every doctor can have access. For example, a dentist asks for a panoramic x-ray, it goes into the system and every dentist has access in the future.
Everything else is useful only for someone who is abroad.
It’s free text. You can add anything you deem important.
I have no problems with any of that ... my post didn't mention any of that.

I simply said that its not available on my phone (were it, I'd use it) but that I don't think its prudent to rely on it.

Also, when giving technical detailed instructions OS matters it; matters what phone they have. I noted you presumed iPhone ... its like me presuming that because you have a mechanical valve its an On-X

I don’t want them to immediately think I “only” had coronary bypass surgery

well the ticking would give away you had an On-X valve but they do seem smarter than that from what I've heard.

I personally feel this feature beats a bracelet or necklace hands down.
well I know which one I'm more likely to have with me in ER ... and its probably not going to be my phone (in working order after a motorcycle smash). Which was something else I mentioned.
Cool feature, I just checked my Android phone (Pixel 6) and amazingly it was fully populated with my blood type and medical history.. Apparently I'm getting forgetful and had already set up this feature. Getting old sucks..
Ok, if that is your choice then good for you.

For others whom might be interested, your phone can be opened to the emergency page (please see my prior message above) so that emergency personnel can access your medical records and emergency contacts if you have added them. They cannot access the rest of your iPhone.
That is why I wear a medical alert bracelet and have an information card in my purse. No one by I can access my phone with my code to open the phone.
I have an iPhone with my medical info along with wallet cards. I have considered a bracelet, but thought it might be overkill. After reading what @pellicle wrote about a phone being destroyed in a crash and then thinking my wallet might be in a ditch, maybe I need to get that bracelet after all. 🤔
but thought it might be overkill.
myself I have none of that ... I just rely on
  1. doing my best to not have an accident
  2. relying on the ER process
I know deeply that at my age any accident bad enough where I'm unconscious will be bad news.

Best Wishes
An EMT on here once said that if you have a mechanical valve and are on warfarin, they'd know that as soon as they ripped open your shirt, saw the scar, put stethoscope to your chest and heard the ticking.
My cardo doctor and nurse and PC students love to hear clicking, not ticking. LMAO!
I hate cellphones and although I have a smartphone I do not carry it on my person and sometimes go months without even turning it on. Yeah, I'm old and old school.

I have a medical ID thing that I keep on my keychain with info about heart patient and contact Dr #s. I need to update it though - which is a bit of a pain and where I'm sure if I was a smartphone addict like 90% of the world that would be easier than redoing my medical alert tag. I also have a tag that I used to wear on my shoe at work since I didn't carry my keys with me there.

Note that as someone said up above, when I was recovering from OHS and in line at a store there were 2 ambulance medics in line in front of me and I asked them about this kind of thing, would they look at my medic tag or just tell from my chest with the scar etc and they said they would know I was some sort of heart patient as soon as they opened my shirt (and would hear the valve ticking if listening with a scope etc).
Anyone who is afraid of losing their cell phone or wallet can get a tattoo :LOL:


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