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Aug 10, 2010
This is a bit of a warning to those of you who are planning to start self testing and looking at eBay as your source for a meter.

I've bought meters and strips on eBay and have had no problems. I wouldn't hesitate to use eBay again for testing equipment or supplies.

This is a warning: It looks like an increasing number of sellers are selling discontinued meters -- the Coaguchek S and the original Coaguchek. They may not know any better -- but if you didn't, now you do.

If the meter doesn't use the XS strips, it can't be used for testing. Valid meters include the original XS (and Pro and Plus). the InRange. and the Vantus. The others are obsolete, have been discontinued. and there are no strips available for them. Unless you collect useless, retired meters. stay away from the old ones.

Again, the sellers may not know that these meters shouldn't be sold. Just stay away from them.
Thank you oh so much for that, this is why, and or in part WHY this place is here. to share things like this, I have and have been using a MACHINE XS I believe it is, for about 2 years now, and also buy strips and lancets with no problems. And like do many before me, had to figure out which lancets were the best ones for me. as in>>> least amount of pain, and enough blood to do the INR test! <<<< AND i do suggest to place pressure on finger to force blood to tip before cutting it with the lancet, and yes, most of the time i do forget to do that!
So back to those machines for testing those strips, this is what happens to those that do not do their homework, although if the seller made a mistake and sold you an item that you could not use for what you bought it for, and the EBAY POST states that it can when this is not true, EBAY is very good i find in dealing with those problems! the SELLER could and would have 2 choices, either get the MACHINE that can be used to test INR with the currently available STRIPS , or REFUND! thank you again!
Many sellers simply don't know that some meters have been discontinued. They probably buy them in big lots at 'ridiculous' prices thinking that they made a big score. They don't do the necessary research on the products before buying them.

Or, perhaps they know what they have but want to steal money from the unaware buyer.

Either way, as far as this thread goes -- the readers have been warned.

Also buy from a seller who will accept returns.

Yes, there's a learning curve for these meters. There may be an initial challenge knowing which lancets work for INR testing (and realizing that the blood sugar lancets won't work).

In my experience, the XS can last a LONG time. I retired the meter that I bought used, and used for about ten years, not because it failed but because I got a new one on eBay for $29.

OTOH -- An XS Plus that I bought used died after I had it for about a year. In fairness, I have no idea how many tests it had run before I got it.
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XS Plus that I bought used
Hi - I just bought a Coaguchek XS Plus on eBay. Do you know how to do a factory reset to remove the admin password, required quality control checks, etc? I tried just pressing the reset button, but that didn't clear everything out. When I insert my new test strip and associated code chip, it seems to insist that I perform a quality check using the optional liquid test sample. I've read the Coaguchek xs plus manual, but it didn't say how to perform a reset. Thanks!
You have to call Roche technical support. The unlock code seems to change daily.

They'll give you a code for unlocking the Plus (I'm not sure that I needed one for the Plus, but I DID need one for the Pro).

They may also ask why you aren't just using an XS. It's a fair question. An XS should be all you need for self testing.

The biggest advantage that I got when using the Plus (which failed after a year or so) and the Pro is that you only have to insert the code chip when you first start using your batch of strips -- in my case, I also use an XS. I can put the code chip in the XS, but don't have to swap it back into the Pro (and probably the Plus) to run a test.

As far as doing a 'quality test,' I wasn't presented with this screen. Maybe Roche will help you remove that prompt and reset the meter so you can use it without any more nags from your meter.

You can also (probably) get an XS for about what you paid for your Plus (I'm guessing) and not go through the stuff you're currently going through.

One more thing you might try -- remove the batteries for 10 or 15 minutes (maybe longer). When you power the meter back up it might reset itself --- but it may revert to the data that's already stored. It's worth a try.

Let me know how it goes with your Plus - and with Roche support.
Thanks for your insight. I removed the batteries last night and left the unit for 12 hours with no power. It lost the current time setting, but still had an admin password enabled and still had old test results stored in memory. So I could set the current time, but I still could not get it to accept a new code chip.

I called Roche. Once they learned I was not working for a clinic, they said they cannot help me because that meter is only to be used in a clinic. They politely refused to tell me how to reset the unit.

I bought this XS Plus because it was cheaper than a Coaguchek XS, and I mistakenly thought it would be just as easy to use. This is how I learn...

Note: The touch screen is fussy. Sometimes it thinks I pressed a button 0.5 in (1 or even 2 cm) away from where I pressed. It also sometimes locks up so after a minute I must restart the meter. For these reasons, the Coaguchek XS should be much easier to use.

I have now found a used Coaguchek XS which will be delivered next week.
Does the person who sold it to you take returns? You can return it because the display doesn't work correctly.

You may also try calling Roche again - a different tech at Roche MIGHT give you the help you want. If you just say that you want to self test, the meter will do it - a different Roche rep may help - if not, try asking for a supervisor.

The meter may be a bit overkill, but it should be made so it works for you.

I haven't looked at eBay for a while - there may still be some meters for less than $50.
One other thought -- if you call Roche and tell them that you can't afford to get a new XS meter, and this is the only one you have, do they really think they should prevent you from doing self testing? Aren't they putting you at risk when you already have a meter that you can test with?

(Another way to escalate this, perhaps, is to ask about their liability for preventing you from testing when you have a meter that is capable of doing it. You have the tool to do this - they just don't want to let you use it).
XS Plus is an earlier model of the XS. They made the Pro and Plus -- one was intended for clinics (the Plus), and the other for hospitals or institutions that do more tests (the Pro). I had no problem when I got a Pro a few years ago (except that it died after a year or so), and Roche didn't give me any hassle when I called in about the Pro - except to remind me that I really didn't need it - the XS was all I needed.

I don't quite understand why they wouldn't help set up the Plus for Mark Miller -- except, of course, that when it said it needed the calibration testing, it was locked out until this test was completed.

If it was me, and Roche didn't help, I'd contact the seller about returning it as unusable.

(My Pro works fine for me. When I start a new tube of strips, I insert the code chip, run a test, then put the chip in my XS -- this way, I know that I can use either meter for testing). One other advantage of the Pro is that it has a color touch screen - although this doesn't really add to the functionality. It also stores a lot more test results although I don't think I'll ever need to record THAT many results, especially since I track all results in a spreadsheet.
So back to those machines for testing those strips, this is what happens to those that do not do their homework
if you buy an ancient S then you're SOL (unless the machine is not as described). Lots of stuff is sold that's useless, but some collector wants it. If you buy something without having a clue then "caveat emptor" (and in my view "sucked in").
anyone saying "they wouldn't"
I called the Roche 800 number listed on the meter. They were very polite, but once they realized this was for personal use, they said they were not allowed to help me per Roche guidelines. Because the medical industry is highly regulated, I understand this response may be caused by Federal Drug Administration rules in the USA, so I don't fault the Roche help desk people.

The Coakuchek XS Plus was designed for clinics to use, since it can be cross checked using a liquid test as well as using the code chip. It also supports patient IDs so it can remember data for multiple patients, and it supports operator IDs, which would allow a clinic to know which technician/nurse tested which patients.

I'll get a Coakuchek XS from my Coagulation Clinic January 25th, which will be paid for by Medicare (USA gov insurance for elderly). The rules are silly - they require a 90 day wait after a patient starts Coagulation treatment before you are allowed to get a Medicare supplied meter.

Also interesting: Yesterday my INR was tested. It was 2.2, and it has only been out of range (2-3) once in the last 8 weeks (a drop to 1.8), so the clinic wants me to wait a month before another test. I said 2 weeks. Once I get my meter, I will test weekly.

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