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This may sound a bit weird - but I have sensitivity to Zyrtec - and I have a friend who has the same issue:

One or both of your eyes loses vision - things just go black. You get numbness in your mouth and part of the face near your mouth. You might also get numbness in your fingers. It only lasts a short time but scares the crap out of you.

If you take Zyrtec, is it possible that this might be happening to you?

That is such an interesting paper ! Wow ! Thank you ! Some answers for both of us 😃 ?

As you know I have very high gradients across my bioprosthetic valve, peak gradient 51 mmHg and mean gradient 30 mmHg and a very small valve area 0.74 cm sq. I’ve been diagnosed with patient prosthesis mismatch but I have always been puzzled as to why my pressure gradients suddenly went to that high level three years post op and valve area suddenly smaller at three years post op - why didn’t those readings show from the beginning ? But that paper explains a lot about echocardiography with prosthetic valves and how it is different to native valves. The cardiac surgeon who I had a surgical assessment with three years post op said to me that echos with prosthetic valves are different to native valves but didn’t go into all the details.

This reminds me, the valve area on your echo should be expressed as Effective Orifice Area - you can tell your cardiologist when you see her/him 😉 Perhaps you need a TOE as the paper recommends ? I had one as it’s more accurate for viewing the valve leaflets.

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I’m thinking that might be the case (unless I'm misreading it 🤔... always a possibility. Ha)! Seems like positive news.

I would suggest you listen through this (I've posted it before, can't recall where or how many times or to who)

its got good points about the inevitable (for something over 40% of tissue valvers) move over to needing warfarin. What's interesting is that they suggest that moving to warfarin earlier can prolong the life of a tissue valve (which is kinda hilarious to me given the preference for them being "avoiding warfarin".

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