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May 31, 2010
kansas city, mo
Hi everyone, just have to share a change in my dog and mine lives. Recently, my dog was drinking more water and having pee accidents, mainly on the couch. Took the dog to her heartworm checkup and did a diabetes test and she is now diabetic. She was obese for a long time before I adopted her. And she got her weight down good, since she is a Doxie/Lab mix. I think since her previous owner let her weight balloon, that triggered the diabetes, and it was time that it made itself known. I felt bad for a time, punished this baby for the pee. But I made it up to her. She is doing better; her pee accidents are down. And she is eating more. Yeah. But I will have to be careful in the hot summer sun. But she has a great pet mama. We are now twins since we are both diabetic. I hope she does not develop heart issues, but I would also be able to deal with that. Just had to share.
It’s always a good feeling to find a reason when our dog companions start having symptoms like peeing when they used to be fastidious about going out.
Just a couple months ago, I found that my smooth fox terrier has gone completely deaf. It’s old age, as she’ll be 14 in May. This is a learning experience for my daughter and me. Also, our sweet dog has to come to terms with why she can’t hear anything. I’ll be talking to her on our walks and then realize she can’t hear me. She is easily startled. We are working on getting her to engage her nose more! The fun times with aging!

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