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Aug 10, 2010
I'm tempted to use a stronger word about my customer service experience, but I want to see if any of you have had the same experience.

Maybe you haven't tried to contact them yet. It would be helpful if you can see if you get the same result.

I've tried to send mail to the company (coagusense.ccom) - I've sent to [email protected], and some executives at, and all attempts have failed - refused by their Outlook server.

I've gone to the Chat page (Contact Coag-Sense | Lab, Clinic & At-Home PT/INR Testing - Coag-Sense) , and have gotten NO replies.

I don't know if it's just ME who is being ignored (I'm not paranoid about this, but I DID have a professional work relationship with their former CEO), of if this unresponsiveness is across-the-board.

If you've had this experience, please let me know.

If it's not a problem to also try to contact Coagusense, and let me know your experience, I would be very interested.

At this point, I'm seriously considering filing an issue with the FDA.
Coagusense is bouncing all my email.

I've made a last stab at getting response by using the contact option on their website.

I haven't tried calling for support, but probably will later. I'll see if I get better advice, when I told them that lab and CoaguChek XS were reporting INRs that were about .8 - 1.0+ higher (I was told to add 1 to the Coag-Sense result).

Is this any way to do support?

If you can send to [email protected] and let me know if your mail is also blocked, I would appreciate it.

(FWIW - I was told that their strips really don't expire. I'm setting the date on one of my meters back to 2016 or 2017 and will run a test or two on expired strips.

I'll report on the results later.
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ok, I just ran it through whois

Registrar:, LLC
Registered On: 2008-03-04
Expires On: 2023-03-03
Updated On: 2022-03-04
Name Servers:

so I'd say GoDaddy has speculatively registered it (for like phuck all) and is hoping to sell it.
Nothing running on any ports based on a quick port scan, although there is a DNS redirect from


where I find the page:

which looks like:

so someone needs their IT Arse spanked ...
The company that manufactures the Coag-Sense meter was incorporated as Coagusense. Roche put a stop to that.

They had to call the meters Coag-Sense. They kept the mail extension. It looks as if they finally started using coag-sense for their mail. They changed the mail extension from to, and didn't bother too set up forwarding from the old extension to the new one.

No, I didn't conflate Coag-Sense with CoaguChek. Roche provides good, responsive support. Coagusense doesn't seem to provide ANY.

I tried sending mail to one of the execs at Coagusense, using the It hasn't bounced back after a few minutes.

If THIS works, the company has SERIOUS problems with the information on their website, and with their mail forwarder.

For what it's worth, I still AM NOT getting any replies to messages that I send on their online support screen. (I wouldn't be surprised if, somehow, these go to the address, or they're just not monitoring this site.

Compared to Roche, these guys seem like rank amateurs.
So far, I've only had one of the two versions of names I used ([email protected]) bounced back. There are other variations I can use (firstinitial, last name, full name, full name, and other variations). One hasn't bounced back yet.

Whether I'll get an answer is another matter.

I"ll update this if I hear anything.

I have some OLD strips that the former president of the company told me don't really expire, so I'll change the date on one of my Coag-Sense meters, and use both an OLD strip and a NEW strip, and see if they agree.

I'll also compare the restults to the CoaguChek.

This might be interesting.

Still, in the back of my mind, I'm strongly thinking about the FDA.
I spoke to their customer service a few months ago. I called the phone number listed in the manual. I often get home late, so when I called, it was after hours for them. It took multiple attempts but as they do have someone staffing the lines after hours, he eventually answered and was helpful. I had to call him back a few times after that, and they answered. They also called me back to discuss the issue a couple of weeks later. So maybe phone is the best way to get a hold of them?
Phone probably IS the best way.

But they should also be responsive to any messages at their site. I've avoided the phone line because I want to see how the online methods work.

I'll see if the guys on the phone will talk to me, and if they give me any useful information. (They'll probably want to teach me how to self-test - something I've been doing with their meters for AT LEAST 8 years.)
I just took another look at my email. I got a response from Coagusense - but didn't notice it because I saw the sender's name, rather than anything that said Coagusense. I traded mail with her a few years ago, and recognized the name, but I otherwise would have passed it over.
At least HER email worked. Alternatively, she may have been forwarded my request on their website.

I told her that the results of tests on two meters were very close to each other. She asserted that the meters must be working.

I pointed out something that I learned early in statistics class - reliability doesn't mean accuracy. You can have three watches frozen at 10 PM. Their results will always be the same - so they are reliable.

I wondered a bit about the accuracy of their reagents. Maybe that's why the differences are so far from the XS (and often the labs).

I also mentioned that I have 45 strips, from a lot of 50 that I got on eBay, that don't work. It's too late for me to return them to the seller. I'll see what Coagusense says. I wonder, too, how a bad set of strips got INTO the market at all.

But, I DID hear from Coagusense.