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I watched a couple minutes of both. Nice ride, where are the cows in the road?
We have been running with our group on Tuesday night, Sat and Sun mornings. Then tailgating with beach chairs in a parking lot afterwards. Someone called the police on us today. He drove thru and said he had no problem with what we were doing. We're practicing social distancing. He only asked that we don't block the area where cars drive.
Everyone stay safe.
that part of Oz looks green enough to be the UK
well just down the road is an area called "New England"

New England (New South Wales) - Wikipedia

which is where my mums side of the family come from (partially explaining why I live here).

Between here (Southern Downs) and there is the Granite Belt and I'm forced to drive past a number of wineries (some quite good even) on my way to visit family down there.


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