Blood shearing

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My reticulocytes are 3.8 now. When first diagnosed in April they were 6.2.
I’ll ask about the Aranesp when I see Dr in Sept.
This has been an interesting thread, as I too have an aortic valve damaging my red blood cells (diagnosed a few months after surgery as normocytic normochromic anaemia) and am on an iron tablet twice a day. Not sure if it is quite the same, but as my iron levels are always bumping along the bottom of what is considered normal I think I feel able to ask some questions now.
You sure its not arterial monochromia rather than normochromic anaemia? It's pretty rare but I have it. My tongue has already turned blue and my hair is falling out.

[Sorry, just trying to inject some humor. When people who know about my heart probs ask what's the latest the Dr says I sometimes go into those arterial monochromia Honeymooner bits. If you don't know what I'm talking about watch that episode above, it's "a riot, a regular riot"]