Blood Pressure In Left Arm, Then Right Arm- Big Difference

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I checked my BP after my 1 mile walk today and as usual,I have to check
both arms because the systolic differs by as much as 20 points or more.
Has anyone else had this? What did your Dr. do about it, if anything?

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I'm not sure this will help in your situation, but when my cardiologist evaluated me for possible aortic dissection he measured blood pressure in each arm to ensure there was no difference. Apparently a pressure difference in each arm is indicative of aortic dissection. I'm unaware of other possible explanations for this and suggrest you act quickly and ask your cardiologist or local ER.
Different too

Different too

My blood pressure is higher in my right arm. I'm right handed and I assume the muscles are stronger on the right and affect the blood pressure some way. On the right it's usually 118/75. on the left 109/70. The doctor takes both pressures and kinda splits the difference. He hasn't made any changes to the medications:
There currently is no mandatory CHD screening for newborns in the US, while it would be great to have echos done on every newborn it just isn't feasible, BUT many of us have been trying to get at least a O2 sat and have them take BPs on all 4 limbs as a screening since that is one way to pick up CHDs,
Have you had heart suregery? some of them can make it so you can't get a good reading in one of the arms, (like people that had the old BT shunt) Lyn
I was reading about this very subject yesterday...unfortunately my memory is still not fabulous but...from what I read this is fairly common...I can take my BP on one arm twice in a row and get very different readings. Sometimes even small movements can send our BP into "crazy-mode" where it changes lots with little effort on our part. I have also read of the dissection-stuff that Mr P mentions but I do think you would probably be having some pain with that as well so I am assuming thats not what your problem is today. Differences can also be brought about by the position we have our arm in as well, I can extinguish the pulse in my arm just by holding it differently. Also if you have just been out exercising your BP & pulse will be falling as you are now resting which will also effect results.
Please check with your dr, after my OHS, I had no , NONE.. BP in my left arm,entire left side....just really paid attention..and me? I didnt know what to expect...soo, 6 months go by..Im swollen, still having angina..still sick.. finally I called cardios office..and ask to see a dr..any dr.. turned out I had subclavien steal syndrome.. stealing blood from left to feed right, and all 4 bypasses were blocked..I was 1/2 dead..yes some people the arms will be different, that nearly killed me.Take action and ask...:)
I have been having the same problem - as yet not addressed by my doc. From reading, I have seen that a difference of 10 or less is not usually cause for concern. My right is usually 120/80 - my left 85/59. Thank you for asking - I have been very concerned about this - a bit distressed that my doc did not address this on my first visit. I plan on speaking about it on my next visit - I will post any info that he shares on the subject.
Good luck - Piper
Blood Pressure Gradient-Large

Blood Pressure Gradient-Large

First, I'd like to say "thanks" to all who replied so quickly to my post; since
babies weren't checked for co-arctations in the 50's, thats a possibility; I
forgot to mention that the pulse in my left arm differs from that in the
right by 2 beats. My former PCP mentioned that this is often seen in co-
arctations, but he never checked it out at the time, but thats because I had
just had a heart attack and I was having rhythm issues that had to be dealt
with. I also have whats known as a "silent gap" with regard to BP readings,
and I can't believe some medical people have never heard of it. It's in all
the old medical books. Heredity can play a part, cause my father also
had the same thing.

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My last doctor visit showed that I have a 20 pt difference between my arms. If memory serves, my doc said that it was because of my coarc repair when I was young and the large difference was because it was returning. He also said that since my left arm was lower than the rest of my body that I should always test my bp with my right arm because of it.
My father (a retired doc) also said that it was quite common to have small differences.