Bicuspid valve effect with possible rheumatoid arthritis

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Nov 12, 2018
Hi all,

I have autoimmune thyroid disease and now being tested for rheumatoid and lupus even though my rheumatologist doesn’t think it’s lupus although I have seen him face to face.

I’ve been having chest pain, shortness of breath, I can’t open my hands in a morning and problems in the sun feeling poorly and weak after that and a few low grade fevers. This has been over a few months although chest pain and pain in hands and bones for a few years.

My cardiologist said it wasn’t my heart, last scan was last September I haven’t seen him at all since I’ve been referred 2 years ago only the nurse.

I ended up in A&E a few weeks ago as I had chest pressure in the centre for 5 mins after walking up the stairs, my centre was still dull ache next day like my heart had run a marathon and the muscle hurt that’s how I can describe it. I rang BHF and they advised to go and get checked for a mild heart attack and it was ok. Only ecg and blood done.

My question I sent if I have rheumatoid what effect will it have on my heart as I know reading about it that it does have some effect but can’t final any information on bicuspid valve.

Does anyone have rheumatoid or lupus