AVR then I got covid 1 year later and I now have diabetes!

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Moving from the mask debate for a moment, some interesting journal pieces that may indirectly point to the coincidental COVID-19 and new onset diabetes.
Discusses hypercoaguability and microemobili in organs. It doesn’t specifically call out the pancreas, but it would be no more or less susceptible than any other solid organ. This one is about the differing size of the clots in the different COVID variants. Probably why Delta had a higher mortality rate.
I could spend all day chasing the endless rabbit hole of cross referencing the citations.
Just thought it was an interesting look at some of the COVID stuff that made it less into the public discourse.
Well even though this thread devolved into mask stuff, which I can’t believe anyone still wants to argue about, it prodded me to call insurance about cgm for my hubs with diabetes and investigate costs. So thanks for raising it, Critter, and sorry about the sucky diabetes. And sorry about Covid. I know the whole thing profoundly sucked for most people in the medical field and I for one appreciate the care.
It is the most frustrating thing to live in an insurance company run country. To me they are also oligarchs. Charging anywhere from $40 a month to as much as 1400 a month is redicilous. It’s just a sensor and a transmitter. The other part of the device is my smartphone (notice @pellicle that I said smartphone and not iPhone ) which I already paid for. That is probably my biggest issue in practice is access for patients.
notice that I said smartphone and not iPhone
LOL ... I wasn't trying to pick on you. But you can tell I have a mental problem with that sort of thing (marketing).

but "touche"

PS sufficient numbers of emails still come through with "sent from my iPhone" from a few of my friends. So much so that over the last decade my 'litmus test' for ineptitude with technology is "do you use an iPhone" (right or wrong it just seems the biggest dummies in dealing with tech are also iPhone users, and in Australia iPhones aren't even the majority of userbase


I only changed away from my Nokia (which everyone used to think was a Blackberry) in 2016
According to my son it is intolerable to have a iPhone that you can’t jailbreak and reprogram to your liking. Android is clearly the platform of superior beings in his judgement.

—sent from my iPhone because it’s the only small one left and women’s pants have small pockets
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