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somehow reminds me of this (because it also probably doesn't tick)
Interesting but not really new, a twist on LVAD's. You will notice this is a steady-flow device - contrary to popular belief, you do not need a pulse to live. Just google ventricular assist device.
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somehow reminds me of this (because it also probably doesn't tick)
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That's the Accutron -- I have a few of them.

They were called the 'tuning fork' watch, for a good reason: instead of using a balance wheel that clicked five times (or was it six?) a second, the tuning fork inside the Accutron vibrated 60 times a second, moving a wheel with extremely fine teeth (small enough to be advanced by each vibration of the tuning fork). Until the quartz watches (which used circuitry to count the 32,768 vibrations per second of the quartz crystal, and usually only moved the seconds hand every second), the Accutron was probably the most accurate watch available.

Ads described it as the watch that hums. It did.

Not an artificial heart, but an amazing engineering feat for its time.

(My fantasy years ago was for a super quartz watch - with a crystal that vibrates 8X as fast as the original crystal and electronics (probably readily available today) to increase the accuracy even further - I'm not sure if Bulova's Precision line did this - but I'm pretty sure that any great analog technology will only be second or third preference when compared to smart watches that do a lot more than tell time).

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