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Sep 23, 2022
United States - Nebraska
I'm testing the heart rate from apple watch (Series 7) against Cardiac Rehab results and getting poor results. Examples of issues include the watch showing a heart rate of 125 while rehab monitors show 109. At others times, the watch will not display a heart rate, just a question mark.

I've contacted apple support, upgraded the watch as requested, tested different band tensions, and had them perform diagnostics. Their final response was to read me a disclaimer and state that the "watch is working as expected."

Has anyone had better results with the Apple watch?

How about a heart rate monitor strap that is compatible with the Apple watch?

Interesting. I have a Series 6 and I've found it to be spot on. I have an indoor rower and at first I was using a Polar HR strap. After 2 months I decided to ditch the Polar because my Apple Watch was mirroring the data I was getting from my heart rate strap. FWIW, I've noticed that if my watch strap is too loose, my results are not accurate.
A heart rate strap is going to be more accurate than a watch on the wrist. Both will have some errors, but a watch will frequently be inaccurate when moving, while a strap will be correct most of the time.

Whichever you use, it's good to get familiar with your heart rate based on RPE and measuring your pulse on your neck so you can ignore spurious readings from your heart rate monitor.
I have an Apple Watch 7, and was looking for a strap that may be more accurate and isn't confused by my arrhythmias.

My pacemaker is set at 85 bpm - my heart rate can't drop below 85 for more than a few seconds at a time.

My watch often shows a rate of about 45 or so (as does my blood pressure monitor) - again, I think, because the arrhythmias make it hard to check actual heartbeats.

I got a Shosche strap, hoping that it would do a better job - it doesn't. Inf act I'm not even sure WHAT it's measuring. For the last half hour, it's been giving a consistent, unchanging, rate of 72 (my watch shows 86, and is probably pretty accurate).

So - here's my conclusion, such that it is -- a monitor - watch, strap, or BP machine - may be accurate for you if you don't have an arrhythmia. For certain arrhythmias, they may be of little value.

(Hey, if my plan will get me an Apple Ultra, I certainly wouldn't complain)

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