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Jul 1, 2018
Siesta Key, Florida
After many years of following this great “Valve Discussion” site, my “waiting room” time has run out and I’m getting TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) next week! My good news is because I’m “old”, I don’t have to face the difficult “valve type” choice, but TAVR has its own difficult choice that I have not seen much discussion of here; “CEP” (Cerebral Embolic Protection).

In future years, this technology (CEP) will help prevent strokes in both TAVR & surgery valve replacement, but currently, while there are at least 8+ companies trying to develop it, only one is approved and available, and offered as a possible choice when having TAVR. So now I have to decide if I want to have it, or not. Like many other decisions regarding heart valves, there is no clear answer to the question of; is it worth the extra time it adds to the process, the extra complexity, the extra radiation exposure, extra cost, etc., for a technology that appears to only offer a very slight advantage? (My understanding is that to date, tests of this CEP device have shown “No statistically significant difference” to not using it, although it is acknowledged that the test did indicate some very slight advantage).

Wondering if any of you fellow TAVR patients have had to make this choice or have any advice?
Thanks for the update Jimmy.

The good news about TAVI is the short stay in hospital and the quick recovery time. I'm very glad to hear that they determined that you are eligible. At 85 years old, this seems like a very reasonable choice.

Best of luck with your procedure and please keep us posted on how it goes and what your recovery is like.

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