Anyone order Warfarin from India/Canada/other countries without prescription?

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Jan 3, 2011
Rockville, MD
Asking for a friend.

Their health insurance changed and it would seem cheaper to just order from online pharmacy versus via health insurance. Anyone have experience or suggestions for places to order from?

Thank you.

PS The Coagucheck sticks are cheaper via ebay than they are from insurance.
Generic warfarin is pretty cheap on my plan <$5 for a 60 ct supply and I have a $10 standard copay. Maybe they should try a different pharmacy. CVS, Wallgreens, Costco and Walmart are popular for low prices on routine medications where I live. On-line pharmacy for my plan gives a 30% discount, but I don't use it.

They should make sure the pharmacy is legitimate and that they are not buying from black market, non-FDA approved suppliers. Warfarin is one drug where you want the dose level to be correct.
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Years ago, I used an Indian pharmacy for warfarin and other medications. I don't think I had any problems with the pharmacy that I used -- but then, I got some insurance that covered most or all of the costs.

Warfarin is inexpensive. A prescription for 60 or 90 (or even more) doesn't cost much more than a prescription for 30. Your friend should see if the doctor will prescribe 60, 90 (or more) days of warfarin in more than one strength, so your friend can modify the dose if necessary. My doctor has prescribed a 90 day supply of the dose that I use almost every day - 3 pills per day. With my insurance, 270 pills cost me $1.25. WIthout insurance, at Costco, it's still less than $30.

Although I've used an Indian pharmacy in the past, with good results (and I confirmed the effectiveness by testing my INR after switching to this pharmacy), I'm not sure that it's worth the risk for a medication as inexpensive as warfarin. (Plus, this pharmacy charges $25 for shipping, negating any savings)
Closing this thread with an update and a thought. First and foremost, thanks for suggestions, I passed them on and they were appreciated. Now, with prescription, COSTCO was the cheapest by far:

1. without health insurance card presented it was $16 for 180 day supply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! retail price for generic coumadin.
2. with card it was $27 for 180 day supply.
3. with UHC insurance $40-50 for 90 day supply. Or, $80-100 for the same 180 day supply. That insurance has a monthly premium too. I can see now why they wanted to go out of pocket.

Closing thoughts. Costco is awesome, sometimes does a good job, and UHC continues to suck (though, maybe its plan dependent).
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Costco has another program - if your finances are tight. You fill out a form and can qualify for even further discounts -- although $16 for a 180 day supply is pretty damned good.
Years ago, I ordered Warfarin from All Day Chemists. I haven't ordered anything from them for a long time.

The product, made by a major manufacturer in Israel (Teva, if I recall correctly), worked well. (It's the same warfarin that some pharmacies sell).
Hey there! No need to apologize for reviving an old thread. We're all here to help each other out. I totally get where you're coming from with the expensive meds. Have you tried looking into any prescription discount programs? They can be a lifesaver. I just joined this forum myself, so I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it before, but there's this awesome site called CharityRx where you can Save up to 80% on your prescriptions. It's seriously legit, I use it all the time. Hope that helps you out!
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