Anyone experience occasional palpitations or premature ventricular contractions?

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Yep. I stopped the Citrate after about a couple of weeks for exactly that reason (plus it didn't seem to help anyway).

In terms of when mine occur, yeah, it is interesting and I used a Holter for 24 hours about 2 years ago (maybe 2 months post op) as I was experiencing exactly the same thing but when they looked at the data, they were not in the least bit concerned about them. To be fair, it seemed to me at the time that I was just one giant walking PVC but they only recorded 8 true PVC's....felt like thousands to me but that's what the data said.

My cardiologist said she could put me on a beta blocker if I wanted but said it might be worth trying to see if I could get away without the beta blocker.
I experienced pvc’s fairly regularly until after my 2nd bout of endocarditis. Not sure if there is a correlation but?? I had part of my colon removed in august. Now I have to be really careful to not get dehydrated I get light headed, blood pressure drops and pulse goes up.
I got to a point where I usually ignored PVCs unless it felt like they were sapping my energy or interfering with activity. A few years ago, when we were trying to figure out what was causing the PVCs, I wore a two week monitor (ZIOpatch) that showed a LOT of PVCs. The specialist at UCLA concluded that, in my case, it was cardiomyopathy and no further surgical or ablative stuff would help.

Lucky me.

When you're having PVCs, if you focus on them, you may wind up feeling more (in your head) than are actually detected using a Holter monitor.
When you're having PVCs, if you focus on them, you may wind up feeling more (in your head) than are actually detected using a Holter monitor.
Yup, thats certainly me.....when I focus on them they go nuts (or at least I feel like I've tons of them and that propogates more of them).
I had loads of them for years. I had my most recent AVR in 2005. I was sure they were stress/PTSD related, but I couldn't prove it and couldn't seem to get them under control. They would happen every 2nd or 4th beat, and sometimes I would get several in a row. I would lie in bed at night unable to sleep because of my heart clunking around in my chest. They started to reduce when I got put on beta blockers, but I think that was mainly due to the beta blockers helping my anxiety. They came back with a vengeance during COVID lockdowns. My cardiologist at the time told me I'd just have to learn to live with them.

I got a wearable device called an Apollo that helps retrain the nervous system after long-term anxiety. Within a few weeks of starting to use this my PVCs reduced to almost zero and 18 months down the track they are still very infrequent.

TL;DR, yep, common and mostly harmless, but I definitely think that stress/anxiety makes them worse.

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